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Mushroom Growing Supplies

Deep Woods Mushrooms- Distributor for Field and Forest Products

Get all your growing supplies here!

Deep Woods Mushrooms has been using Field and Forests Products primarily since 2000, and in 2014 became WNC southern distributor. I know what works well here and keep fresh spawn for Shiitake, oysters, lions mane, reishi and nameko growing I have all your growing supplies such as specialized drill bits, inoculation tools food grade wax.

Deep Woods Mushrooms is the place to go, from beginners to seasoned growers. We have the stuff to help you successfully grow the Fungi!

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Farm Tours, Workshops, Classes & Services

We offer regularly scheduled public farm tours, bi-monthly mushroom hunts and occasional workshops and classes from March-October. For groups of ten or more we offer farm tours & mushroom hunts accompanied by a wood-fired pizza lunch or dinner.

Property Consultation

Do you want to cultivate mushrooms on your property? Do you have mushrooms growing around you, but are unsure about them?
Greg will come to your property to evaluate its possible mushroom growing ability and/or identify mushrooms on your property.
Fee is $150 per consultation within 50 miles of his farm. There will be an upcharge for consultations further than 50 miles of Mills River NC. To set up and appointment, email Greg now.

Mushroom Log Inoculation Clinics

mushroom inoculation clinicAll other Saturdays for the months of Feb, March, April will be mushroom log inoculation clinics. these will also be a hands on clinic where participants will learn all about growing mushrooms on hardwood logs and the care of them. Choice of Shiitake, Oyster, Lions Mane, Nameko and Reishi.
Clinics will be $15.00 per person, plus $15.00 for a log.
Classes will be limited and advance registration is required. Class time: 1pm until 4pm


If you would like to schedule a clinic but Saturdays do not work, or, if you would like to schedule a group or private clinic, contact Greg to set up an appointment.

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Mushroom Farm Tours

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mushroom farm toursHave you ever wondered where Shiitake mushrooms come from?
How do they grow?
How long does it take for Shiitakes to mature?
How might I cultivate them at home myself?

Let Greg Carter take you on a tour of his unique and sustainable farm. He will teach you the science of cultivating Shiitake mushrooms. Learn what kind of wood these mushrooms need to grow on and how to inoculate a log. Watch Greg at work inoculating logs, and give it a try yourself, if you like.

Contact Greg for any questions or to book a date other than scheduled Saturdays:
phone 828-243-3589
e-mail greg@deepwoodsmushrooms.net


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Mushroom Farm Tours

Walk Greg’s mushroom farm in the Pisgah Forest of South Western North Carolina. See the many stages of development the logs go through, from the preparation of logs to fruiting, picking  & packing Shiitake mushrooms ready for market.

See the process of growing Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Wine -Cap Stropharia. Learn about the history and nutritional benefits of these powerhouse mushrooms and many more. Taste what is in hunting season or growing on the farm and get all of your questions answered.

Tours Start at 1:30 pm

$25.00 per person

$20 per person for groups of 10 or more

Please Inquire for our home-school rate, summer camp, and church group rates

Same day scheduling and drop-ins are welcome yet parking is limited so please call 828-243-3589, to check if space is available.

Sign up in advance by calling  or emailing now.

Farm Tours & Wood-Fired Pizza Lunch*

all fired up

10 person minimum

$ 35 per person

Groups of 15 or more – $25 per person

Farm Tour & Dinner*

10 person minimum

$ 40 per person

Mushroom Hunt & Lunch or Dinner*

4 person minimum $90 per person

10 person maximum $80 per person

*We will accommodate any dietary needs and additional wood-fired food options are available.

We are also available for private events, please call for further information on pricing and options. 

Stalking The Wild Edible Mushrooms

Your first Mushroom hunt tour is $100 per person or $150 per couple and includes a collection basket, a mushroom hunting tool and the booklet “A taste of enchantment.” One kit per couple or household. Additional kits are available for $25 dollars. Subsequent tours occur throughout the season and are on a donation basis and based on availability.
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Single |Duo

All year, mushroom hunters look forward to the fruitful season of summer to hunt for wild mushrooms.  Join the owner of Deep Woods Mushrooms, Greg Carter, for a mushroom hunt and discover some of the rich, edible mushrooms growing in Western North Carolina.

This 3-hour walkabout will get you started on how to positively identify the choice edible, mushrooms here in the southern Appalachians, as well as the ones that are better viewed than stewed.

You will get the “tools of the trade” and printed information on the top edible and medicinal mushrooms along with ongoing support for your learning curve on hunting wild edible mushrooms. Join us at a reduced rate on tours throughout the season to see what new things are out. Greg will cook up the bounty we find so you can experience the  tastes and textures of the different mushrooms.

On our forays into the deep woods, we will hunt for Morels, Chanterelles, Chicken of the Woods, Milky Caps and more delicacies of the forest floors. If you are planning a visit, book a private mushroom hunt of your own.

Get an Appetizer Here

Hunts are limited to 10 people, Please bring lunch or a snack

Call to schedule your dates now!

Full Day Mushroom Hunt $135

Available upon request for groups of 5 or more, $135 per person.

Includes a morning farm tour with Q & A, wood-fired pizza lunch (gf, df and special requests available)  afternoon hunt and mushroom preparation & tasting.

Please call 828-243-3589 for more information or to schedule an event.

A non-refundable down payment of half the total is required to book classes. Group rates are available for 8 or more people. Please call to schedule groups.

Classes normally start from my farm in Mills River NC, but could be from an agreed upon area where mushrooms are being found at the time of class. I will go to your favorite mushroom hunting place (I won’t tell a soul where it is) for groups of 6 or more. $50.00 plus 1.00 a mile from my farm in Mills River.

Come prepared for a hike that will be tailored to the people or group. Sturdy shoes, long pants are highly suggested. Dress accordingly for the weather. I hunt rain or shine (the shrooms don’t care, they like rain!)

For more information about mushroom hunts for individuals or small groups, DOWNLOAD A FLYER

Click to download a flyer in PDF format.  (PDF reader required.)

I Make House Calls…

Within a reasonable distance. Want to start a mushroom farm but don’t know if you have what it takes? I can come to you and help you get started in mushroom cultivation. From wood selection to spawn type to log stacking and production runs. Call or Email and let’s talk.

About “The Mushroom Broker” and Owner of Deep Woods Mushrooms

How did I get from “I’d like to make and give truly unique Christmas gifts” one year to owning and maintaining a diversified mushroom business?

Well, it began with an interesting conversation with someone who shared his own excitement and knowledge of mushrooms. Maybe this would be my latest hobby I thought. Little did neither I nor my wife know that this interest in mushrooms of mine would lead to one fun guy managing his own full-time business!

Living deep in the Pisgah National Forest, I had access to beautiful hardwood trees. I learned I would need hardwoods to grow my own Shiitake mushrooms. In addition, I had the perfect environment to forage for different wild mushrooms regarded as a delicacy by local chefs. My interest was piqued; my future cemented.

The research was key to my knowledge of growing and foraging for mushrooms. Internet, books, and periodicals helped greatly, but my most valuable information came from people who were experienced in the field.

The local Agriculture Extension Office offered a seminar presented by a number of mushroom experts. The gentleman who originally turned me on to the mushroom experience I now call my Mushroom Guru. Another gentleman, a long time member of the Asheville Mushroom Club who has a business of his own, I call my Mushroom Mentor.

I learned how to inject live, cut hardwood logs with spores that would produce Shiitake mushrooms for years to come. It was exciting for me, my family and friends to watch my mushrooms grow, harvest them and enjoy the flavorful bounty we created in the kitchen. I learned how to harvest my mushrooms properly and how to store them. I learned how to forage for wild mushrooms which I now sell to the chefs of local B & B’s, Inn’s, restaurants and produce markets.

I became educated about the medicinal benefits of various mushrooms. I learned about healthy cuisine and began cooking and experimenting in my own kitchen (and on my own family). With my increased intake of mushrooms and mushroom teas, I began to have more stamina and I felt healthier!

During my hikes, mountain bike rides, and backpacking/camping experiences, I realized that I now noticed more mushrooms wherever I went. They were always there, I just never saw them before! I learned how to host Mushroom Forays so that I could teach other people how to hunt mushrooms for their own enjoyment.

So, here I am. I was destined to have a hobby that mushroomed into a business! I can supply you with or teach you how to have a steady supply of Shiitake and wild, edible mushrooms that are delicious, as well as benefit your health.