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Shákêê Tákêê


Product Description

Shákêê Tákêê is a nutritious and delicious handmade product that will add health and flavor to any meal. Shákêê Tákêê consists of shiitake mushrooms grown naturally on hardwood logs in the Appalachian mountains of western North Carolina. Prior to dehydrating- which enhances the flavor and potency –the mushrooms are sunned, for ashakee takee minimum of 2 hours, which triples the amount of vitamin D that naturally occurs in mushrooms! The mushrooms are then dehydrated for up to 24 hours until the moisture content is below 5%, then ground to a fine powder. This can be used to enhance the flavor of many foods, such as eggs or popcorn, or used to create a broth or base for soups, gravies and sauces.

One 1 oz. jar contain 5 servings of Shákêê Tákêê , the equivalent of 1/2 lb of fresh Deep Woods Mushrooms shiitake mushrooms. Certified Appalachian Grown Local Food. $17.95 Includes shipping.